Friday, March 07, 2003


Luv ya, my black brotha!
aaah! forgot to talk about spanish class... mr de hoyos told us that we could bring in food so i did i brought tostitos and queso. so like nobody else did and i had to share with the rest of the class! i know i sound like a selfish bitch but the day before the preps were like "do we HAVE to share it? what if i dont wanna share/ bring it for myself?" so ya i didn't wanna give them any those selfish bitches/bastards. sorry, i reallllllllllllly hate them, you have absolutely NO idea.
hey yall... let's start with peace today. had a nice loooooong talk with alice during advisory, i'm surprised we didn't get in trouble! mrs. b was like watching us the whole time rambling on about how dr rice would walk in here and we'd get in big trouble. dr rice can kiss my ass for all i care she has no people skills at all! Poor Jasper, Ty grabbed him by the arm and swung him around! i'll scan a pic of him so ya'll can see him. we had our "azn connection" during advisory, except Alex wasn't there and A-lex wasn't there during us history to whisper with :( well, jasper got really hurt by ty and i feel really sorry for him. we were talking about how during exams we had to go to mr fraraccio's room and we were passing like 5 notes around and he picked one up and read it and it was me, abbie and lauren talking about how lauren likes daniel, and "sexy sam and dorky daniel" and how we think monica likes ty and now alice thinks ty is gay/homo lmao!! i have to work on projects, bleh. see ya'll later (trubs call me pleeeeeeeeeease!)

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

hey what's up my black brothas and sistas? lol *coughlaurenjasperdavidcough* ... you had to be there. yeah. had a hilarious day... me and my asian "sistas" were goofing off with the guys, pretending to be pimps and stuff. good times! i noticed today that fraraccio shouldn't shave his head anymore. you could see it was really shiny and gross today. alex- i am bringing sugar and caffiene next week! lets get high! we haven't had sugar and caffiene in forrrrrrrever! yeah both alexs anyway. screw the logic puzzle!

Monday, March 03, 2003

... and we're back to the juicy layout! I was trying to get a background for the other one, but apparenty you can't hotlink an image on blogger- you need a paid acct. with image space! My parents would probably kill me if they had to pay for it!! (I don't have a credit card.. yet) have to babysit tonight for 6 hours= mucho dinero! Later!