Saturday, November 09, 2002

EWWWWWWWWW!! I am totally disgusted with the new issue of YM. Seriously. I really don't think Christina Aguilara should be on the cover. This is supposed to be a ROLE MODEL magazine for girls. She gives off just a bad image. Hello, who hasn't seen "Dirrty"? She's dancing practically naked, in a thong and bra, and sweating. Just EW.
also, if you're on Neopets, please visit my guild here thank you and keep smilin'!
visit this site to see the council's official blog. I know there's nothing there yet, just working on some technical difficulties. See ya around ;)
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Friday, November 08, 2002

arrrrgh. Report cards today. I won't say what my grades were, only that I thougt they should've been a teeny bit higher. Also, I'm not gonna sign my name anymore at the end of the post.. it's there anyway so why should I type it? I'll see ya'll later

Thursday, November 07, 2002

o0o0o0o0o! Scrubs is on! omg i <3 that show! Does anybody else out there think that Zach Braff (i think thats his name) or the main guy is hott? I do!

Ok, change that. To do:

1. Get stuff ready for tomorrow
2. Take a shower

I finally finished that island project!! WOO!! I'm sorry, it took me FOREVER to do that stupid thing. I found this awesome webiste... take a look at tiggy's website! I just <3 the monkey!!

I just got done watching some Friends...soo funny LMFAO :)

Ok now that I've figured this out, it'll go good.

To do:

1. Finish island project NOW!!
2. Write stupid history essay soon

hmm... more later!!

Hi!! Welcome to the new hot spot for info on my life. You may know me as Erica, glam, glamgirl10788 etc. Keep checking back, I promise I'll update this one! :)